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Nicaragua Trip :: 20 November 2015

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Our team of 20 members from the Lauren family have finished the work week. Each team member put in an incredible effort to put in a beautiful driveway for our partners at Imagine Ministries.

The little feet that will run down the drive to their playground have forever captured their hearts. There have been bonds made between everyone that will last a lifetime. Nearly everyone has mentioned coming back again soon and, more importantly, want to look into supporting our partners and their ministry in other ways.

The team finished construction, painting, and yard work Wednesday, ending the day with a piñata celebrating the kids’ hard work in the last school year. Members from our Lauren family back home and here raised money to purchase backpacks for these amazing kids.


Thursday morning the team was blessed with a time of prayer led by our hosts. Without a doubt, lives were forever changed by what God did with this team and through it. After leaving the time of prayer, the team had an amazing afternoon full of kickball, playgrounds and ice cream with many of the children from Imagine.


After leaving the kids, the team shed many tears, but so many are eager to return to be with the newest members of the Lauren family. With a hard and emotional week of work, the team is ready to head home to share what God did during this week in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Trip :: 16 November 2015

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Yesterday, the team attended church with their hosts and hosted both the boys’ and girls’ safe homes in a pool party celebration. The team was able to play and love on each child who is a part of their safe-home program. So many team members were touched by the stories each child had. The difficulties these children go through are very hard to imagine.

Today has been a great day in Managua, Nicaragua! The team of 20 employees and family from Lauren Engineers and Constructors is hard at work alongside Imagine Ministries.


They spent today digging and laying brick. Each team member worked extremely hard and came to serve. Please pray for continued energy as the team finishes the work on the imagine building.

Nicaragua Trip :: 15 November 2015

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Our team made it to Nicaragua! Praise God they had no issues with any of their 20 team members from seven different states.

Today the group attended a church service with their hosts. They will spend the rest of the day spending time with children from two separate rescue homes.

Please pray for their team as they serve their hosts and the children of the rescue homes.


For the disastered, we believe response training through team development enables us to not only serve in times of grief but to also prepare partners faithfully serving long before we arrive.

This trip is helping us achieve our international goals. Stay up-to-date throughout the week on our team’s progress and work.

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