Our ApproachOur Approach

We feel strongly that with the rising demand for skilled laborers, we can fill these positions by equipping eager and hardworking multinationals and eventually veterans. This is done through Lantern Project Training.

The Lantern Project Training program is a three-part program. Students receive formal construction training through National Center for Construction Education and Research, leadership and professional development and mentorship through partner organizations and companies.

For each student to be a successful employee and person they also need to know what it takes to be a leader. We use our own curriculum designed to show our students the qualities needed to be a successful leader and professional. Each student is partnered with a mentor who spends roughly an hour a week coaching them in their studies, leadership development and in everyday life.

Purpose: The training program is designed to develop construction trade skills in welding, pipefitting, masonry, carpentry and electrical to help advance careers in the power, oil, gas, chemical and process industries. The program will also include instruction on faith-based principles, leadership and life skills.

Program Duration/Schedule: The intro course is 14 weeks, meeting four days per week from 5pm to 9pm. Class start time and duration per day is subject to change throughout the one-year program. The technical classes are 12 to 18 months, two days per week from 5pm to 9pm

Location: Church Street Business Center, 3529 Church Street, Unit D, Clarkston, Georgia 30021.

Program Cost/Compensation: The program cost is $50 per class. The training program is an unpaid program that will prepare trainees for a career in construction.